E701i-A3-VIZIO TV Review for the E701i-A3



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4.5 Stars out of 5

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Ideal Consumer for the E701i-A3

Anyone looking for the ultimate in a home theater entertainment system is sure to find exactly what they’re looking for in the E701i-A3. Movie buffs, TV addicts, sports fans and anyone that enjoys the feeling of truly being in the moment, whatever they’re watching on the big screen.

PRO’s of the E701i-A3

First and foremost, the visuals are stunning: the crystal clear image of the E701i-A3 is due to the fully HD 1080 pixel resolution, which gives you sharpness and clarity unheard of in home theater systems before now. The 120 HZ refresh rate provides smooth, clean motion while the ultra thin frame provides a truly captivating viewing experience. The use of Razor LED renders vivid colors and clear detailing, while the VIZIO Internet Apps and Wi-Fi capability give you access to E701i-A3-VIZIOthousands of hours of movies, TV shows and music all at the push of a button on your SMART remote. The remote itself comes with a fully functional QWERTY keyboard as well as handy shortcut buttons for Netflix and Amazon streaming services. The E701i-A3 feels like it’s the daddy of home entertainment as you’re linked in to everything you could possibly want, while at the same time marveling at the images you’re seeing on your screen. Honestly, it’s quite unlike anything we’ve seen before; we’re betting your jaw will drop too when you first get a glimpse of the stunning picture quality! Watching sports, nature documentaries as well as epic movies on the VIZIO E701i-A3, it feels as if they were made specifically for this purpose.

Anyone that’s into gaming will be pleased to see the presence of four HDMI ports, so any of your consoles can be plugged in at any given time, as well as any cable boxes or DVD players you might have. And if you want to see your holiday snapshots or family photos in fully realized HD then you can connect with your USB as well.

The E701i-A3 is truly a fully multi-functional home entertainment system.


CON’s of the E701i-A3

Initially, the color calibration can seem quite extreme, with some very saturated images along with some more washed out looking ones, but the VIZIO is an extremely functional in this regard and it’s easy to adjust the color settings to anything you want in order to take care of any initial disparity in color levels. You may also find that the viewing angles seem to be a bit less than specified, so you’ll want to try and be as directly in front the screen as possible. It doesn’t appear to be a huge problem, though, as the most that you can say for the limited viewing angles is that you may begin to lose some of the depth of the black colors when viewing from further away. Otherwise, you’re sure to have a perfect viewing experience.

The stand that the television comes with is fairly lightweight and doesn’t appear to be particularly stable – especially when you consider that you’re dealing with a pretty hefty beast of a television! We’re guessing, though, that most of you will want to wall mount the VIZIO to get the most of your home cinema viewing experience, and that’s the course of action we’d advise to rectify any issues with the stand. The wall mount will also allow you to adjust viewing angles, which will alleviate any color issues you may have due to bad angles. The USB ports are located on the back of the television, so if you do want to connect a flash drive then you will have to kick the TV out to plug it in, losing the flushness of the wall mount. However, it’s still relatively easy and pain-free thing to do with the handy kickstands that the VIZIO comes with.

Take note that this is a television that doesn’t have 3-D capabilities – though for its price range and the as-yet-to-be prolific nature of 3-D television then this is no big surprise really. And for this price range, we wouldn’t be expecting 3-D capabilities either.

Keep in mind also that the VIZIO does not support day to day web browsing, but is perfect for easy access to Hulu, Netflix and HBO Go. The QWERTY keyboard is especially helpful in this regard for typing in usernames, password, email addresses and so on. One note on the keyboard though: it uses Infrared technology so the front of the remote must be pointed at the TV – a somewhat baffling choice seeing as the keyboard is arranged length-ways, so when you’re trying to type you’re essentially typing sideways! It’s not a huge problem though – you can just scoot round in your seat slightly in order to make all your button presses register on the Infrared box. It would be great next time, though, for VIZIO to include a Bluetooth remote like some other models have.


The VIZIO warranty covers one year parts and labor as well as free lifetime technical support.
Amazon also offers free tech support for 30 days to help you with any installation issues you might be having.

Is the E701i-A3 worth the money?

That is a resounding yes! You certainly get the most for your money for a television of this size, and it’s hard to find a comparable model that beats the E701i-A3. You get a thin, stylish television with plenty of great features that make this the ultimate in home entertainment. You have access to pretty much any media you can find online as well as the option to connect consoles and DVD players – it’s almost impossible to overstate the excellent functionality of the E701i-A3. Factor in the scale of this television and you’ll find it’s the most reasonably priced of its contemporaries, and boasts what is probably the most stunning picture quality. The E701i-A3 is a definite must-buy for anyone searching for a great 70 inch television.